About us

We are a southern California hockey brand that wants to help kids who can't afford to play hockey play the greatest game on the planet, and the only way we can do that is with your help. So with your support we're able to make dreams come true.

Parker Fredrickson

Parker has one of the biggest hearts on the planet and is often the first one to jump in and help others learn and grow, especially those that need it the most. That's where our 3% Hat Trick program comes into play. Parker is always wanting to help others or donate, whether its an extra tip at dinner or adding a $5 donation when checking out at the grocery store, he's always looking to give back.

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Our Mission

why should only some kids get to play hockey? Kids who can't afford to play hockey should still be able to live the dream. So we donate $3 from every hat purchase to make that dream come true.